Choosing the right university to study abroad in Europe

Choosing the right university to study abroad in Europe

Overseas Education is a pathway for students to achieve their professional goals of being equipped with advanced skillsets to succeed in their careers. Study abroad is growing in popularity each year and the pandemic of COVID 19 may have hampered the flow but not dwindled the spirits of aspiring students. While there are many famous study destinations across the globe, one as a whole that has gained traction is Europe.

Europe is home to many world-renowned and famous universities. Universities in Europe have professional faculties and world-class research and study facilities that are offered to students. With an increasing number of students opting to study in Europe, there is a growing multicultural environment that is created for students to study and grow as individuals.

Here are a few factors that students must consider as they choose Europe, and countries like Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Switzerland, Italy etc. and Universities in Europe for their study abroad:

1. Courses, Programs and Academic Requirements

- While choosing Europe as your study destination, it is imperative that you conduct your due diligence in terms of the courses available, designated programs and the specific academic requirements to be met.

- While the first language at destinations in Europe is not English, many universities in Europe offer courses that are taught in English. These courses are mainly postgraduate programs. There are also destinations that are prominent for courses.

- For example, Fashion courses in France are the most opted for there as Paris is a renowned fashion capital of the world.

2. Colleges and Universities

- Keeping the high quality of education as a priority, students often choose universities that offer an education that is better than that of their home countries. Hence, with that focus, students are delighted to learn that there are a number of world-renowned universities in Europe.

- These universities have been providing top-notch education to students who choose to study abroad for many years. While choosing their preferred university, students should consider the faculties and facilities, along with the campuses and accommodation. These are important cogs in the study abroad journey.

3. Tuition fees and living expenses

- Another important factor that international students need to diligently consider, is finances. Finances for education abroad include tuition fees for the courses abroad, and the living expenses during their stay.

- Expenses like rent, food and other commodities, vary from destination to destination. Students often set a budget to work within and accordingly choose their destination for their overseas education.

- Costs also vary depending on the institution, city/town, and the student’s lifestyle choices. If cost is a major factor for a specific student, they are usually advised to look at economic destinations like Germany, in Europe.

4. Rankings and Recognitions

- While considering universities abroad, it is often advised that students consider the rankings and recognitions that are awarded to the universities.

- Rankings usually tend to evaluate a university’s academic and educational performance, the diversity quotient of the teaching environment and in most cases, the internationality of the institution.

- There are organizations that conduct their due diligence and evaluate universities globally, creating data-driven hierarchies. These ranking systems organisations are listed below:

  • Times Higher Education World University Rankings
  • Shanghai University Academic Ranking of World Universities
  • QS World University Rankings
  • QS World University Rankings

5. Career opportunities

- Completion of courses abroad equips students with high qualification degrees that are valued globally. These qualifications help the student be better equipped with advanced skillsets, making them employment ready.

- Students that graduate from international programs have better employment prospects in their home countries.

- Most universities abroad boast high employment rates for their graduates. This is also an important deciding factor for students, as they choose their destination to study in Europe.

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